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SINCE 1956


Since 1956 our research aims at designing and creating products with great style and elegance and at the same time suitable for all occasions. How? By merging tradition with a future-focused approach.


For us, beauty is handmade, respecting nature and tradition.
It's all a question of craftsmanship


For us craftsmanship is the knowledge of the profession and the mastery of gestures: manual skills are placed at the service of ideas, shapes and creativity. The creative idea is rationality and inspiration. Together, they create a sign that is translated into a project, entrusted with complicity to the craftsman's manual skills. Industrial craftsmanship takes shape when a work process is inspired and based on the sequence of the craftsman's gestures.

It all started in the fifties with the production of wicker and straw handbags, typical of Florence fashion. Today, we collaborate with contemporary designers and stylists in order to create sophisticated and refined products: day and evening bags, leather and metal accessories, a wide range of footwear for all occasions; from everyday life to red carpet nights, without forgetting iconic wicker models, exclusively hand-woven.


Our products combine craftsmanship and innovation: epitomising the new trends in contemporary fashion stems from an artisan approach to the raw material and its production process.

Every own item is manufactured by respecting nature and the environment, in order to provide our customers not only with mere objects, but with real concepts behind which there is a 60-year long history, characterized by passion and creativity.